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Cookies policy

By using this website, you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer in
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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are generated by a web server and that a website
or mobile device stores on the hard drive of the user's device in order to recognize the user
when the site is subsequently used. Cookies can be session ones that remain on your
device until you leave the website. There are also persistent cookies that are stored on your
device for a long time or until you manually delete them. The information obtained
by cookies can be collected and used in a generalized form. The data can be also
collected in a separateprofile or record. This single record may be personal or anonymous,
or the profile may be associated with information that identifies you as an individual.

You can learn more about cookies on the website www.allaboutcookies.org

We may use cookies for a variety of purposes:

1. Basic cookies

We may use a limited number of cookies required for specific services you have
requested or for security purposes. In particular, if you are registered on the site
or use the customer portal, we may use cookies to authenticate the personal
computer or mobile device you are using.

2. Operating cookies

We allow third parties to use cookies for statistical and evaluation purposes in order to
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basis, that is, they do not identify you personally. We use aggregate reports to
understandhow our site is used and to improve its functionality for our audience.

3. Functional cookies

Many cookies are also designed in order to help you to make the best use of the website
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For example, these cookies can remember your language settings or learn the last
activity of an individual within a single session.

We may analyze user traffic to measure the frequency of use of our site and improve
its content and services. These analyses will be performed using IP addresses and cookies.

How you can control the
use of cookies

The cookies we use or allow using are a recognized part of e-Commerce and are important
for your use of our websites. The operation of cookies allows us to know our audience
as a whole and to improve the operation of our site to meet your needs and expectations.
Many functional cookies are basic for the work of our website. The cookies we use allow us
to conduct online business. Our site and services, or part of them, may not work
properly without cookies.

Personal data protection

We will post the information in this policy, in case any changes are made to the use of
the cookies. Please check occasionally how our online data collection methods and our
use of this data continue to be developed.

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